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Edgar Allan Poe Love Poems

Edgar Allan Po was one of the most famous poets in the history. This outstanding man had a special power to open people’s hearts and touch their souls. Although, Edgar Allan Po overcame a lot of difficult periods in life which were connected with alcoholism, unhappy marriages and others, he managed to achieve the highest goals.

We can recommend you to pay attention to such works as: “To one in paradise”, “A dream within a dream” and, of course, the most romantic “Annabel Lee”. Having read all these poems, people can notice one thing: the main topic is the death of a beautiful woman. All his heroines are really ideal and men can only worship them. Love is beyond belief strong but, unfortunately, unfair. Generally, we can describe the oeuvre of Edgar Allan Po by 3 words: beauty, love and loss. Hence, all his masterpieces are tragic with a sad ending.

What about inspiration, it’s impossible to omit the biography of Edgar Po. Many critics suppose that unlucky fate of women in his poems repeats the loss of mother and unhappy marriages with girls. There exists an assumption that the “Annabel Lee” was written for Poe’s wife Virginia, who was more like a sister for Po. But she is considered to be the candidate for the poem’s inspiration:

“But we loved with a love that was more than love—

I and my Annabel Lee.”

In conclusion, we can make the statement Edgar Po deserves to be recognized all over the world. His works will definitely appeal to every young girl, wise woman or mother with many children, because this man knew how to find the way to all hearts.

Here is a list of Edgar Allan Poe Love Poems

  1. A Valentine
  2. A Dream
  3. To One In Paradise
  4. Eulalie